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PowerGems are shortcuts. Their eponymity requires them to be potent sources of fast results. For you and I, it simply means that they must work, and work fast. As in now and today. Shortcut means 'anything that brings you there faster than it would without it'.   With so many masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires out here doing it better, and faster, doesn't it make sense that they know specific words and techniques -- shortcuts -- that you either do not know or simply do not use?

This is the basis of the Way of Personal Mastery

Some people do it better, and they are the ones we need to listen to when we wish to bypass the lengthy achievement of something by trial and error. With trial and error you get to do it 'your' way, and it will absolutely take you longer to get there. With the 'recipe' system, doing it the way someone else has done it before you leads to faster achievement of the same results. Whether or not your skills are sharp enough to measure your quantifiable results in a single day is open to argument. The laws of physics are, for the most part, just a bit smarter than you. I know enough about you to state with confidence that you very rarely, if ever, are heard to say the words, "You're much smarter than I am. May I have sixty seconds of your best & wisest advice about __?"

For whatever the worth or reason, we're quick to admit that there are people much smarter than us...
... and it never seems to be the person we're speaking to.   Is this true, or not?
Well, if you're not smart enough to use those eighteen magical words in the last paragraph, then perhaps you'll attend the immutable power of physics, power you can use in the next few minutes to fast, profitable results.

The sweetest feature of PowerGems is that each and every one is universal. Whether you want to wake up to the fact that these are the only years you have for you and your kids to enjoy each other. (without the stupid, petty resentments), or double your income permanently within 100 days, or learn seven simple steps that bring keyboard mastery, or create something useful in your life that's better than your current daily quotidian grind, in nature as well as stature, powergems are universal. They provide immediate physical results for every human effort.

Every thought, every action, creates an ever-growing spiderlike silk thread, stronger and thicker with every single repetition. When one of the two human root emotions is added, the emotion of passion (desire), or fear, the strength and thickness of the cable multiplies exponentially. With every belief-filled repetition, the physical presence of that thought is enlarged within the brain, to where we can actually measure it!

Every single thought you have of a healthier, or unhealthier you, has a direct, immediate, wide-ranging physical effect. Now that scientists routinely map the physical places where adjectives are formed, and where our mind actually creates a noun, and so forth, we can numerically record the physical effect of each thought.

Let's move to a tough word with a fairly simple basis: kinesiology.
(it means "The study of the anatomy, physiology, and mechanics of body movement, especially in humans.").
The science of kinesthetic motion will prove to your complete satisfaction, within seconds, how powerfully your body is affected by positive and negative statements. Hold your arm straight out to the side, either left or right. Have someone push down on your arm while you're resisting, as you say, out loud for the fourth or fifth time,, "I am a winner."

Now, shake your arm to relax it, put it back up, and say five times, "I am a loser." On the fourth or fifth repetition of those words, the other person is to push down on your arm. Watch what happens.

You will see an immediate physical effect. When Olympic champions push their bodies past the point of what seems human, always doing it one more time, that act alone, doing it one more time, engages several laws of physics, which means you get a result similar or identical to what you intended.

You get to control the majority of outcomes by controlling the majority of input.

THAT IS Olympian effort, which produces Olympic results.

That is the Way of Personal Mastery

We can remind ourselves forcefully and repeatedly that it is not their bodies that enable them to go that extra one more time anywhere near as much as it is their thought.

Every human being has the choice and command of the moment when the words, "I can't" come out of the mouth. It is not men and women with stronger bodies who take gold at the Olympics, and you'd have to be silly to think so. Proof of this is found in the many, many stronger, faster people who never get into the Olympics simply due to insufficient effort to get into the Olympics. Proof is found in gold medals won by people smaller, taller, lighter, heavier, stronger, not as strong. Again and again the attrbutes most often attributed by the champions themselves are the two attributes you can, should, and certainly need to make use of in THIS 24-hour period...
....when you're that determined to get results within the same 24-hour period.

  • Seeing the goal with sight, sound, colors, smells, touch, and feeling.
  • Doing it one more time.

The men and women who win gold have the same superpower that you have. Not a power of the body, no, no, the power of the mind, the choice to say, "Yes, I can," and "Yes I am." The same tool you have, the same choice you have, the same brain to process the choice. They simply use it more than you do. That you do indeed possess the ability to kick some serious ass is inarguable; you've already proven it more times than we can count. What annoys me so much is that, for all your innate and developed intelligence, you use these brilliant resources mostly for tiny things and emergencies.

Tell the truth. It's just you and I here. No one's around. The fact is, you perform like a star for tiny things, and for emergencies. Let's talk about the emergencies first.

Think of a time that you had an expected or even an unexpected deadline, and I mean serious deadline, whether it was a critical report for school, rent or insurance money, or tickets that you absolutely had to get your hands on…you had yourself a deadline with not the foggiest idea of how you were going to make it happen.

Now we both know that, when the deadline was critical enough, as in risk of losing a girlfriend or getting evicted or scoring those tickets you just HAVE to have, you find a way to get it done, don't you? Please don't argue here, I'm not in the mood because I've caught you and busted you red-handed in the act of excellence, and you want to say, "Yeah, the money came through," or some such response. No. no! The money didn't 'come through.:' You made it happen! You got off your duff and got busy.

Oh, how you were wracked your brain. I know. I have been there. You flashed pictures through your head of Mom or Dad, maybe Grandma or your best friend; or hocking this, begging that, selling this or overtime that… you made it your business to check every corner of your mind, commanding that special memory and analysis area of your brain thinking of possibilities and probabilities, calculating their likelihoods, and then going for it. Again and again you strove until you met the deadline in the nick of time.

Surely you are not silly enough to think it was a 'coincidence' that you met the deadline just in the nick of time. Please. There is no such thing as an accident. Since sustaining, surviving, and to a great degree overcoming the challenges of being a passenger in a van that was struck at 'considerably in excess of 100 MPH' according to the NY State Police report, I've been exposed to even more intensive proof that there is no such thing as an accident. If you're unable to grasp just why there is no such thing as an accident in life, please don't strain your brain on it. Now that you've planted it, it'll spring at some point after you nourish the thought. For now, just be open-minded enough to operate on the premise today that there's no such thing as an accident:     : every cause has an effect, and vice-versa.

The vital reason and core basis of why and how you met your deadline was NOT "Grandma gave me the money." Neither was it "My boss loaned it to me." Even if the money did indeed come from, for example, Grandma or your boss or brother-in-law, they didn't read your mind, did they? No; you asked them for the money. In fact, some of them you asked more than once, remember?

Just like 99% of all the things you receive in your life… oops, did I say 99%? Please, forgive me, and allow me to correct myself. Just like 100% of all the things you receive from one single moment after you're born, right up to your last conscious thought, it is directly because you asked for it. You don't have to like it like it; you are required to accept it when you wish to tap into its inherently definitive power. It is an immutable law of physics; of life itself. In fact Isaac Newton himself referred to it as his Third Law of Physics, which states that every action in this universe brings an equal and opposite reaction.

Every human being has literally thousands of invalid opinions; invalid because those opinions are based exclusively on other people's input, rather than our own personal experience. The intelligent person learns to separate their experientially-based opinions, which tend to be valid, from those based strictly on what your mother/father/teacher/sister told you to believe.

You are invited to test your intelligence by seeing if you've got sufficient brainpower to set aside a few thousand of your absurdly inaccurate, and therefore invalid opinions and just focus on this one thought: every action in this universe brings an equal and opposite reaction. If you understand it, and have no problem believing it is correct and unchanging, then what could possibly, even conceivably, cause you to think that this does not apply to your thoughts, and the physical response they are guaranteed to produce every single time? Are you stupid, or are you smart? Please don't tell us if you're smart or stupid, we'll both know in the next few minutes, and the next few hours, based exclusively on your understanding of one single, powerful, never-changing fact of life: every action in this universe brings an equals and opposite reaction.

Every time you have had an urgent desire or need, you worked your brain far harder, (and usually far more efficiently), than you generally do for the average, quotidian needs of life. True, or not?

You wanted that something, in point of fact you needed to meet that deadline, so very much, that failure simply wasn't an option; remember? It's as if I was there: I watched you personally placing it in the category of "CRITICAL NEED." An even simpler proof for you, striking right at your own blood-filled kidneys. If a casual friend of yours asked you to drive him 25 miles to work every day in return for gas money, and it was in the opposite direction of where you work, you might have a hard time fitting it into your schedule, yes?

Now, God forbid you were told today that you need a new kidney within the next thirty to sixty days AND you have to drive 75 miles every day to get kidney treatments, do you think you might just work three or four hours per day at getting treatment, or finding a new kidney? You wouldn't consider it quite as insurmountable, would you? If you're worth the effort that went into creating you, you'd get very busy, wouldn't you? Contacting organizations and hospitals, trying to raise money, appealing to tv and radio stations for mercy broadcasting, and so on. You'd do what you have to do.

The most vital point for you to grasp, here and now -- openly and open-mindedly -- is that we are perfectly wrong to think that a sweet dream is stuck in "I-don't-know-how" land. The question of HOW to do something, or get your hands on something, from a pile of money or a handful of orgasms to a happier environment at home, work, or school, is a far-flung second in priority to WHY. Although it takes a bit of effort to admit that the "how" is already inside of us, the "WHY" is always and without exception first and foremost in every human action from birth to death. When we have a strong enough "why", we AAAAaaalllllways find the "how," don't we?   From surviving supposedly terminal diseases to working out directions to a vital appointment with time running low, we almost always figure out how to do whatever is of greatest import to us. That's why we find a measurable, accelerating shortcut in putting aside the "how" for long enough to figure out the "why;" why exactly we want it, and what we'll get when we fail or succeed to achieve the goal. The "why" gives birth to the "how." Use it now, and see how this method accelerates YOUR results.

Since I'm not there to participate, any argument you might tender would be a bit one-sided, wouldn't you agree? As it is with every great thought in life, neither you, nor I, nor any of us have any licit claim to a valid opinion until such time as we have personal experience in the matter, true or not?

There are so many shortcuts available for your immediate use. The best piece of news is that you will find just about as many shortcuts... ... as you wish to find... as you believe you will find. That's a shortcut unto itself.

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